Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

The famous Monet’s Gardens are located in Giverny not far from Paris. The place bears the memory of Claude Monet who painted the same subject on several different canvases at the same time to capture the changing light as the day passed.

Two parts of the garden

The gardens of Giverny include two distinctive parts: the flower garden of Clos-Normand and the Japanese-style water garden. They have been recently restored to the specifications wished by Monet.

Norman Garden

The Clos-Normand or Norman Garden was originally a simple orchard with a few banks of flowers and a border on either side of the path leading to the lower end of the domain. The painter spent years transforming the garden into a real flower garden by planting thousands of flowers in straight-lined patterns. Walls were lowered down so Monet could see the Seine and the hillsides from the garden. The original cypress trees were replaced with arch trellises supporting climbing roses.

The Japanese Garden

In 1893 the Japanese garden with water lilies, weeping willows and Japanese-style curved bridge was created by the famous painter. Monet would often return to his garden to paint the peaceful setting and the subtle display of water and light. That garden became famous when he first started to paint his lily series in 1899, particularly the monumental painting of the Nymphéas.

Claude Monet was the leading light of the Impressionist movement. He revolutionized painting in the 1870s. Fiercely independent and dedicated to his craft, Monet gave courage to fellow artists in the face of harsh criticism.

The son of a grocer, Monet rejected the carrier he was offered and decided to become a painter. He spent his last and most creative years cultivating his garden and his art at Giverny.

In Giverny, the modern Museum of the Impressionists (Musée des Impressionnismes) houses temporary exhibits of Impressionist art and has picnic-pleasant gardens in front.


Location: 84 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny

Nearby hotels: Le Jardin des Plumes, La Musardiere, Les Jardins d’Helene

Nearby sights: Musee de Mecanique Naturelle, Musee des impressionnismes, Eglise Sainte-Radegonde de Giverny

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