Accommodations in France

Accommodations in France

When finding a place to stay in France it is important to make your reservations beforehand. Most hotels and other lodgings will require you to give your credit card details before they confirm reservation. Just make sure you have a written copy of it.


Find the information about the hotel’s cancellation policy. Some places allow you to cancel without any kind of penalty. Others require you to cancel a week in advance or penalize you the cost of one night. Most hotels allow children under a certain age to stay free in the room with parents, but others charge for them as extra adults.

Renting a place

To rent a house or apartment you should check individual tourist offices who often publish lists of locations meublés (furnished rentals) that have been inspected and rated.  Usually they are booked directly by the property owner so it will require proper knowledge of French.

Staying with pets

You should always check on policies regarding pets and children and specify all the conditions you want. Also if you are planning to have guests during your stay, you should let the owner know about it. There can be additional charges for cleaning, renting towels or even bed linen.

You can also stay at small but charming ins and Bed and Breakfasts. Also make sure to make reservations in advance or cancelling at least a week before checking in.

Exchanging houses

There is also an option of exchanging houses. In this case you will stay in someone else’s house while they stay in yours. Some people deal with the vacation homes so it is not someone’s full-time residence, but just a vacant weekend place.

There are about 18 000 hotels in France ranging from luxury properties to the budget lodgings. If you arrive without a reservation, the tourist offices in major train stations and most towns can probably help you find a room.


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