The things to do in June in France

The things to do in June in France

Summer is the time for a wide array of opportunities and festivities in France.

In June 6th The Festival of Hot Air Ballooning Festival (L’Art de l’Envol) is held in Annonay in the Rhone-Alpes region of southern France. Annonay is the city where the first hot air balloon had flown in 1783.

In June 13th the Le Mans 24 Hours race is held. This is the world famous endurance car race. Don’t miss the spectacular event.

June 13th is also a time when the Top 14 Rugby Final is held in Saint Denis in northern part of France.

June 14th to 18th is a time for the Vinexpo in Bordeaux. One of the major events of the year for wine enthusiasts, the Vinexpo in Bordeaux is set to celebrate its 18th year. On the table will be samples from 2,350 exhibitors from 42 countries around the world. France will get the lion’s share of display space (63 percent), so keep an eye out for some quality local wines

In June 21st The Festival of Music is held in France. For one day only, the streets of France are turned into a massive stage for professional and amateur musicians of every genre. It was started by the ministry of Culture and Communication in France in 1982 and the concept has since spread to 120 countries and around 350 cities. Music and dancing fans can expect a well-organized day of jazz, soul, funk, rock, electro, reggae, classical and much more, played in bars, clubs, concert halls and of course, on the streets.


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