The French

The French

The French are native inhabitants of France. You probably have heard different stereotypes about the French, like – they stink, women don’t shave their underarms, they are rude and lazy, they hate Americans and many others. But the reality sometimes is completely different. Let’s discover the truth together.

The French hate Americans

This stereotype is completely untrue. The French, in fact, do a much better job than Americans separating the idea of the American people from the American government. There may be some French people who dislike Americans, but most are friendly and polite to their U.S. visitors.

French people are lazy

French are notoriously known for being the laziest people on earth. Maybe it is because of their love for strikes. However, Canadians go on strike much more often than French people and anyone else in the world actually. With an average of 1,453 hours of work per year, France is one of the countries where people work the least amount of hours. Yet, they still work more than Germans (1337) and Norwegians for example.

French people are rude

This is the biggest stereotype about the French. Of course there are cultural differences which can lead to the idea that they are rude. The key is to understand the culture of France and learn at least some basic French terms before you go there.

French people stink

The French aren’t as obsessed as Americans are about daily showers and the scent of soap. Most practice perfectly acceptable hygiene and it is unusual to encounter a person who stinks in France. In fact, French people don’t stink more than anyone else in the world.

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