Climate in France

Climate in France

Varied weather conditions

Weather in France can be important knowledge when planning a vacation.

The country is divided into 26 different regions – amongst these the weather conditions vary significantly. There is the French Riviera with its Mediterranean climate; the temperate climate of the wine regions of Dordogne and Aquitaine; Central France has slightly more extreme conditions; and finally Paris and north and western France which has a nice, mild maritime climate of warm summers and cool winters.

French winter

In winter, there is plenty of snow for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy in mountainous areas. More rarely, snow falls on the plains, mainly north of the Loire, and extremely rarely in Paris. Winter in Paris is relatively mild with inland areas seeing cooler temperatures than the coast. There is moderate rainfall across the regions and sometimes snow, though this rarely settles for long.


In spring, temperatures quickly rise above 20°C in the south, with the first swimmers appearing in Nice and Cannes. From May, the whole of France puts on a tee-shirt. Spring in Burgundy is the best time to visit and conditions are mild and rainfall is minimal.


Summers are hot and peaceful, the sun shining across the whole country. There are temperatures to suit everyone: often reaching 30°C in Ajaccio and Marseille, 25°C in Brest and Deauville. People top up their tans and overcrowd the beaches. It’s the perfect time to go on a long trek in the mountains or explore the various regions of France. In June the weather is generally mild. You can mainly count on blue skies and warm temperatures, but there can still be spring showers and chilly evenings.


Autumn marks the return of the rain, with the weather turning cooler as Christmas approaches. The days start getting shorter. The most rain falls in early autumn in Nord pas de Calais region of France. There are chilly autumn evenings in France in late September and early October. This can be the perfect time to visit if you’re trying to avoid crowds, though keep in mind that October weather has a tendency to be unpredictable and can get quite cold.


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