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All sights in the city "Reims"

Reims is a capital of the Champagne-Ardenne region in north-eastern France. Its population is about 188.000 inhabitants. The city has rich culture and history. It is situated at the crossroad of European touristic routes.


Four of the Reims sites are listed in UNESCO World heritage. These are the gothic cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims, formerly the place of coronation of the kings of France which dates back to 13 century and is situated in the center of the city; the Palace of Tau, the archiepiscopal palace, built between 1498 and 1509, the residence of the kings of France on the occasion of their coronations; the Saint Remi Basilica and Museum, where bishop Saint Remi’s relics and important collections relating to the history of Reims are kept.

Champagne in Reims

Reims is well-known for its high-level champagne production exported all over the world. The department of Marne is a big champagne producer area and many famous champagne houses as well as caves here are open to tourists for tasting and tours.

In the countryside surroundings of Reims corn, barley and fruit trees, vegetables are grown. There is lots of grazing fields and woods in the city. Beside the wine production, Reims is also a center of an active textile industry and one of the most important gastronomic destinations in France.

Events in Reims

In summer season the ”Flâneries Musicales d’Eté” de Reims (summer promenade concerts) are held, with plenty of free concert. You can hear any type of music there from classical to jazz.

The show of multi-colored lights and colors “Rêve de couleurs” is held here annually from June to September. It is held on the facade of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims. Another event that is worth to be noted is “Fetes johanniques”. This is a performance, with people wearing medieval costumes, which take place every year in June and celebrate the French heroine Joan of Arc.


Location: Champagne-Ardenne region

Sights: Notre-Dame de Reims,  The Palace of Tau, Saint Remi Basilica and Museum

Hotels: Chateau Les Crayeres, Akena City Reims Bezannes, Hotel Azur

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