Villas in France

Villas in France

France is the most popular destination in the world with 80 million visitors each year. Probably the most comfortable and luxury option for staying in France is renting a villa.

Where to rent a villa in France?

There are now a many agencies specializing in different types of villas around France. The most popular areas for villas south of France are Côte d’Azur (the French Riviera), Provence and Languedoc Roussillon, but beautiful properties are available in almost every area of the country.

Staying in a villa in France can provide a unique overview at the rural culture and community life of France. Often, the available residences are in small towns or villages to appreciate natural beauty and rural life.

Luxury villas

There are lots of luxury villas in south of France. Some of the best mansions in the big Côte d’Azur towns cost over $10,000 a night and require a minimum stay of a week or more. Smaller villas south of France are available for a much more pleasant price, although most require minimum stays of two to fourteen days, especially in the summer months.

For cheap villas in France you could stay in one of the less popular areas. There are a few affordable chateaux (castles) in the Loire Valley. Don’t count on finding cheap five-bedroom villas in Biarritz. Nonetheless, cheap villas in France are sometimes available in the off-season, even in the most popular parts of the country.

Finding bargain villas

If you’re looking for villas in France, it’s best not to book the first house you see. Cheap villas in France are out there, but it may take some time and patience searching for it. Villas in France are often known as “gites”, and many French newspapers advertise available places under this name. There are also a lot of websites and agencies giving you a list of different villas in France. Choose a company that specializes in the area in which you want to stay and the type of residence that is suitable for you. It is best to visit France before you book a villa, but this is not always possible. Make sure you see lots of photos of the villa and try to call the owners before you book, especially if you have special needs.


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