Upscale restaurants in France

Upscale restaurants in France

There are a lot of exceptional restaurants in France, but finding one that can also be relied upon for professional, courteous service and an inviting ambiance can be tricky.

Famous upscalу restaurants in France

Here are some of the most upscale restaurants.

  • Apicius. Situated in the heart of Paris, not far from Champs-Élysées. Elegance surrounds diners here and the food is hard-pressed to match the surroundings.
  • Bofinger. In 1864, Bofinger introduced the first draught beer to Paris. The brasserie was situated in the heart of the Marais quarter of the city. It quickly became the meeting place of the political world.
  • Le Grand Véfour. Amid the arcades of the Palais Royal, this has been a dining spot since the reign of Louis XV.
  • L’Ambroisie. Located on the elegantPlace des Vosges, this restaurant under Bernard Pacaud’s direction first gained its three-star rating in 1986. The seventeenth-century building provides a romantic and luxurious setting for a top-rate gourmet meal.
  • A la Côte St-Jacques. On the edge of Burgundy, beside the river Yonne, this is the quintessential Indulge your taste for well-prepared food and wine.
  • L’Espérance. Situated in a farmhouse at the base of a hill (La Colline de Vézelay) in Burgundy that has been a holy site for thousands of years. The place combines country comforts with great sophistication.
  • La Maison Troisgros. Located in Roanne, Rhône Valley, the restaurant has the setting of a dining room of a beautiful hotel near a train station. The cuisine is a celebration of the agrarian bounty of France. Serving regional specialties, the menu attracts diners from as far away as Paris.
  • L’Astrance. Opened in 2000, L’Astrance has ascended from one Michelin star to three in the past ten years. There is plenty on offer here to stimulate the palate.


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